No. We prefer to give expert advice in person to those who turn to us. We think that professional consultation should always be face to face, as it helps to determine the basic facts and the relevant documents. This also allows us to review your documents immediately and to better assess the situation. It is therefore important that you bring to the consultation as many documents related to your case as possible.
Yes and no. UP makes recommendations regarding our specialist members. UP does not know, however, whether the respective members have the capacity to take on a specific case.
Experience has shown that a small cost contribution guarantees professionalism and the keeping of appointments.
We offer consultation on all social insurances, such as accident insurance, daily allowance insurance, invalidity insurance, supplementary benefits, liability etc. We do not offer consultation on welfare benefits.
Yes. Our lawyers are often able to provide guidance. You may just need to take another step or obtain medical information/clarification; or you may have tried everything and just need confirmation from an experienced lawyer. Unfortunately, however, it is impossible for us to review a large case file in its entirety in 45 minutes.
These are the possibilities: Your legal protection insurance in compliance with the policy, provided you took out such a policy before the damage occurred; a "hidden" healthcare legal protection insurance with your health insurer; victim assistance where the damage has been caused by a third party; the liability insurance of the party at fault; the state, if the legal dispute leads to court proceedings and if free legal advice and assistance has been requested/approved beforehand.