Liability law

Liability law applies if you or your property suffer damage by another person. Here are a few examples:

  • You fall on a construction site because of defective scaffolding.
  • Two skiers crash into each other on a ski slope.
  • You have a traffic accident while riding a bicycle.
  • You scald yourself because of a defective hot-water bottle.
  • You are hit by a falling object.

If you are a victim of a road accident, you are automatically insured in Switzerland and will thus be compensated. This is covered by obligatory insurance for all vehicles with a valid Swiss registration plate. This insurance covers property and personal damage caused by operating a vehicle.

Liability claims may lapse quickly. Once a claim has lapsed, it can no longer be enforced in court. Sometimes, the limitation period is just one year after the event in which the damage occurred. You should therefore claim in good time or else take measures to interrupt the limitation period (e.g. debt enforcement proceedings against the party at fault).

You may be unsure as to the nature and amount of damages you are entitled to, whether the accident has been self-inflicted through your negligence (contributory negligence), or whether your health problems are a result of the accident.

UP legal consulting provides clarification and explains whether and to what extent you are entitled to damages and/or compensation for pain and suffering (so-called satisfaction).

Medical error

Our lawyers are witnessing increasing demand for consultations about medical errors. Not always has the doctor violated his or her duty of care. It is, however, still reasonable to get legal advice or an initial assessment for patients who, for instance, are dissatisfied with the outcome of an operation.

Important note: Legal claims arising from medical error in public hospitals may already lapse within a year. The UP lawyers can give you advice on how to proceed and assess your chances of success.