Social insurance law

Our lawyers provide expert advice in all issues relating to social security where you are unable to work due to an illness or after being involved in an accident. They also give advice on other social insurance benefits, for instance, when reaching retirement age or during maternity.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance protects employees from the financial consequences of accidents and occupational illnesses. As a general rule, you are also insured against accidents that do not happen at work. The accident insurance pays you a daily allowance immediately after an accident and also pays for the cost of your treatment. You may also be entitled to a pension and to a one-off compensation payment for pain and suffering (integrity damages).

Have you had an accident and are now in a dispute with your insurer because they are refusing to pay benefits, arguing that it is no longer the accident but rather an illness that is causing your health problems?

Are you unsure whether an event classifies as an accident? Is someone offering to pay you compensation in order to close the case?

Discuss your case with our specialist lawyers and have your insurer’s decisions put to the acid test.

Disability insurance

If your health has been negatively impacted, disability insurance (DI) can help you get back to work. If this is not possible, it will check whether you are entitled to a pension. Moreover, if you have a disability, the DI can provide aids and pay a help allowance if you need support in your daily life.

Are you still waiting for a decision even though your insurer has been reviewing your case for months? Is your DI insurance office requiring you to have your diagnosis medically confirmed, and do you have questions about this? Has your insurer announced a pension review for a current pension?

We are happy to advise you on these and other questions.

Daily allowance insurance

If you are employed and are unable to work due to illness, you are usually entitled to a daily allowance, provided you are insured as per your work contract. The daily allowance insurance usually covers 80% of wages either until you can return to work or for a maximum of 2 years.

Have you come to the end of your entitlement period but are still unable to work, or have you been examined by your insurer’s medical examiner? During our legal consultation, we will explain your rights to you, which cancellation periods apply and what happens if you suffer a relapse.

Unemployment insurance

Unemployment insurance covers unemployment. What people often do not know is that mothers wishing to return to work and repatriates can also claim.

Does your doctor’s certificate say you are on 80% sick leave, and is your regional employment centre (RAV) sending you back home? Are you being told that you are at fault for being unable to work? Is your insurer cutting your daily allowance or imposing suspension days? The UP legal aid office will explain your rights and how the unemployment insurance fund and other insurers work together.

Occupational pension

According to the Occupational Pensions Act (BVG, pension fund) the occupational pension is designed to provide financial security and an accustomed standard of living should an insured event occur (disability, death, or reaching retirement age).

Occupational pension benefits are important insurance benefits that are paid in combination with the other social insurances. It is therefore essential that you verify your claims early on. During your consultation with UP, we will explain what you need to bear in mind.


The OASI is the 1st pillar of old-age pension provision in Switzerland. It is designed to cover your basic subsistence needs in your old age or in case of death. As a public insurance, the OASI is obligatory for everyone.

Would you like to continue working although you have reached the legal retirement age? Would you like to receive OASI benefits abroad? Do you need additional benefits for a hearing aid or assistance in your home?

During your consultation, you can discuss with our lawyers any questions regarding the statutory old-age pension and additional benefits of the compensation funds.

Supplementary benefits (SB)

Supplementary benefits are paid in combination with a DI or OASI pension, or sometimes with DI daily allowances. The SB make a big contribution where social care is needed in old age. Contact UP to find out about your rights or those of your loved ones.


Besides the claims of military personnel, the Loss of Earnings Compensation Act (LECA) also regulates maternity compensation. The transition from inability to work to maternity leave is often fluid. We will tell you what you need to bear in mind and how to insure yourself against the risk of accident and illness during unpaid leave following maternity leave.

Family allowances

Family allowances, also called child allowance, are regulated by the cantons. The Confederation only stipulates the minimum entitlements. You may be entitled to child allowance even without employment or during unpaid leave. Resolve your questions during a personal consultation with UP.